Android Dungeon Hunter 4

Dungeon Hunter 4

Dungeon Hunter 4 (iOS|Android) is the latest installment from Gameloft’s popular hack-and-slash RPG franchise, and it gets a lot of things right but may discourage some with an aggressive in-app purchase model. All the right ingredients As hack-and-slash Diablo-like RPGs go, Dungeon Hunter is one of the best franchises in the genre for smartphones. Set […]

Game Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (iOS)

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (iOS)

When I first learned that Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim released a sequel to Robot Unicorn Attack (RUA) a few days ago on iOS, I could barely contain my excitement. As one of the first apps I ever downloaded onto my device, it holds a special place in my heart. I forked over $2.99 for it, […]

Android Fieldrunners 2 for Android

Fieldrunners 2 for Android

Fieldrunners 2, the sequel to one of the earliest and more popular open-field tower defense games, has finally come to Android, and it is even better than the original. Set in a modern era with high-tech yet comical warfare, Fieldrunners 2 pits you against wave after wave of soldiers, jeeps, and other military units. To […]