Lessons Your Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Will Teach You

Lessons Your Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Will Teach You

When you get a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems (IS), you do not only learn the practical stuff – you also get a degree in life. You learn how to network and sell yourself, and you embark on a path of self-discovery.

Commercial Experience & Building Systems

Whilst working in Information Systems, you will have chances to gain commercial experience that you wouldn’t get with any other Bachelor’s degree.

You will learn about computer architecture – the tools and techniques used to build systems, and you’ll graduate with a much better understanding of e-commerce strategies. This can include integration of information across departments as well as between an organisation and its customers and suppliers.

You will develop programming concepts and skills and become familiar with software development tools. You will learn principles, techniques, and tools used for the analysis and design of software development. You will become an expert on the impact of technologies on the workplace, economy, and society.

You will gain an appreciation of the importance of working in teams; exploring modern computer architecture and understanding the principles of modern operating systems is something that you can only do by working together closely as a team.

The Importance of Computers

There is an old saying that goes, “A bad workman always blames his tools.”

When you get a Bachelor in IS, you will need to rely on how good your tools are. These “tools” (i.e. the computers) are absolutely essential to your work.

The computers and systems that you work with need to be the best – they should be able to run some memory/processing power-hungry software.

You will also learn how to handle your frustrations when the network starts slowing down due to particularly high demand. These situations are unavoidable for IT professionals.

How to Navigate the Job Market

When you graduate, you may have to work some minor jobs before you land a full-time IT job. Don’t be afraid of this for big companies, as a big name on your resume will open a multitude of doors.

Making Friendships / Power of Networking

It’s true that the friends you make at college might very well be the friends you have for life – and when you’re having a bad time, you find out who your true friends are.

When you go through tough times, your real friends stand by you. You’ll feel privileged to have worked with people from lots of different backgrounds – people you’ll hold in high regard, people you will remain friends with.

You’ll get the opportunity to show off your work to fellow students and faculty members. People from local businesses will also see your work at project exhibitions.

The experience that you gain from projects will help you secure a graduate position as an IT consultant or Junior Project Manager. Who knows – the local business that you interned at during your Bachelor may very well be your first employer!

Ultimately, you’ll finish your Major in IS with some valuable life lessons – some practical, and some more general. Relish the challenges that come with this profession and nurture the relationships that you build; you never know which college friendship might lead to a big opportunity for you in the future.