Windows XP Security Center

Windows XP Security Center

Windows XP is an operating system that came with more advanced security by including a security center within the system. Everything to configure and find information is located in this area and is easily found in the control panel under the security center shield (icon).

This Windows XP security center has three fundamental processes aimed at protecting the user. These are the automatic updates, firewall and virus protection. They are beneficial in keeping the system safe from security threats.

The virus protection is somewhat misleading. This is not actually a virus protection software program. What this does is monitor what you have installed on your computer in the form of anti-virus software. If you do not have anti-virus software, this program lets you know. If you do have the anti-virus software then it allows you to know that you are protected. There are different icons that perform different tasks such as notifications of potential risks, security settings, showing a situation may be harmful, a “green light” showing that your computer is up to date and safe, and an X that states that the settings are at risk.

Automatic updates are excellent in keeping Windows XP up to date with the latest protection against security issues and viruses.

The Windows XP Firewall provides a little protection when surfing the web. However, this is something that does not quarantine or disable viruses, nor does it detect them. It doesn’t protect against harmful attachments or does it stop spam attacks. This is why anti-virus software is needed. It is simply a tool that helps block the worms and viruses that may infect your system. It has a handy security log that is created when a potential problem has arisen.

Using all of these programs along with anti-virus software can help ensure that your computer system is more safe from harmful attacks.


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